We take pride in the quality of our work so it is important to know that our products are made by hand and are not mass produced like other art suppliers. The complete process is creative and the personalisation is unique to you.

Personalised Word Art Options

All aspects of our typographic word art can be personalised to suit your needs. Our word art paintings, prints and wall stickers are available in various sizes and colours. Choose between poster prints, canvas prints, framed prints and wall stickers. To help you with your decision making we have narrowed down the available options for each item based on popularity. If the available options don’t cover your needs then use the “Other Details / Notes” box when ordering. Still not enough? Go bespoke!

Bespoke Word Art Design

Our artwork is typically available in the most popular sizes however we do also offer bespoke art to fully suit your needs, giving you a complete choice in type face, colours, sizes and medium. If you have questions with word art, send us a quick email or complete the enquiry form here.


We have a wide range of type faces available. If you have a type face in mind then please let us know. Alternatively if you have a type face in mind but don’t know its name, then send us an image of it and we will identify it (or a very close match).

Colour Selection

Colour selection is important when it comes to typographic word art design. We typically provide the most popular options to select from for each specific piece, however ultimately it’s your decision. If the available options don’t cover your needs then use the “Other Details / Notes” box when ordering.

Sizes & Styles

Our artwork is available to order in the most popular sizes but should you wish to order a design in a size that is not available to select from when ordering, please get in touch and we will advise on cost and availability.

Print Only

Want to frame your word art yourself? Then simply choose the ‘print only’ option. Our artwork is printed using professional Canon print technology on 240gsm matt paper.