Learn more about acrylic house signs and their alternatives.


Modern looking acrylic signs can add a contemporary look to the exterior of your home, although these can be expensive and require some skill and tolls to fit, at Urban Artwork we have the widest range of acrylic sign alternatives to help you find the perfect low cost house signs for your home.

It is recommended to have someone skilled with tools and fitting signs so that due care is taken when fitting signs to avoid damage to the exterior of your home. This is why choosing an alternative to expensive acrylic signs can be a better and more economical option, especially when opting for a well designed house signs that are hassle free to install and help avoid risking costly damage.

  • From less than £3 – with FREE UK Shipping
  • We have the biggest collection of unique house sign styles
  • Many sizes and colours available
  • Looks good and stands out, fits on most doors, glass, bins etc
  • Quick & Easy to apply – no tools required
  • No risk of damage unlike other house signs
  • Fast turnaround times – Order today, dispatched within 24hrs!
  • Highest quality material rated for 7+ years outdoor weathering
  • Temporary or permanent, easily remove when required

The best alternatives to acrylic house signs

Some ideas for alternatives to acrylic signs and you can see our full range of house signs for many more styles


See our quick comparison of Low Cost House Signs VS Acrylic Signs

Our house signs

  • Low Cost – Just £2.99 with free delivery (or free when you spend over £15)
  • Very low damage risk
  • Quick & easy to apply
  • Looks great
  • Can be applied to any smooth surface (including slate!)
  • Easy to remove without causing damage
  • Designed to look good, stand out, fit on most doors and flat surfaces (including glass)

Acrylic House Signs

  • Expensive
  • Requires tools and some skill to install
  • May cause damage if installed incorrectly
  • Limited in where you can install these
  • Not easy to remove without leaving holes
  • Average price is £20-£30 (excluding delivery)

Acrylic for house signs is often used for giving a modern look to the exterior of homes and although less expensive than glass they can last for several years, however acrylic does contain a significant amount of plastic and is not environmentally friendly (especially in the manufacturing of acrylic). Acrylic signs do have a tendency to yellow or crack over time, can easily chip, crack or even shatter when fitting if no due care is taken and incorrectly fitted signs can be very visible. It is important to not leave acrylic signs in direct sunlight.

Our alternatives to acrylic house signs can be personalised with a range of styles, colours and sizes.

At Urban Artwork we have the biggest range of house signs – with over 120 styles we’re sure you’ll find the perfect sign for your home

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